Want to organise a successful webinar? Check out our 7 steps for successful interactive communication.

You want to organise a webinar but don’t know where to start? To get you started, we’ve compiled a step-by-step plan for successful interactive communication:

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Before you start, clearly define the purpose of your message: what do you want to convey and how are you going to convince your viewers? Define your target audience: who is your message for and how can you best reach your target? If you want a maximum number of viewers for your stream, choose a large number of channels for a wide announcement. Don’t forget social media! Pick a date and time.

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What are the elements you definitely want in your live stream? Can viewers ask questions to make the presentation interactive? Do you prefer to use a chatbot or should the viewers go live with their webcam? Will there be a vote? Once you know what your webinar will look like, you’ll know what you need. Is all this technically possible with the installation you have in mind? Will everything work and look professional?

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Communicate your networking event to your target group by being as clear as possible. It should be easy for people to participate in your webinar. Make the event sound as appealing as possible: list the benefits for your participants. If necessary, make people register in advance, which will give you a better idea of the capacity to expect and allow you to prepare your network accordingly.

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Make sure to test what you want to do and whether all your tools work seamlessly. Is the picture and sound quality good? Is there a delay in your connection? Keep this in mind and make the necessary adjustments. When your image and sound are not synchronised, viewers tend to leave quickly. A smooth start is also essential: viewers are not going to wait 10 minutes for you to solve your technical problems.

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Send a reminder to your participants one day in advance. Do they have to sign in somewhere or install a specific app? Do they need a link and a password? Make sure they can prepare well, so your timing is not compromised either. Make sure there is content to be seen half an hour in advance, such as a message with the start time, the programme and instructions on how to ‘mute’ your microphone.

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Not just your documents need to look their best, so do you! Present yourself in the most attractive and professional way possible by providing sufficient light in the room where you’re presenting. And consider your background: is it neutral and not a distraction? Are your cameras and microphones of decent quality? Remember that people pay attention to your appearance online as well.

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After your webinar, it’s time to take stock: what was good, what didn’t work? Viewing figures during the course of your presentation tell a lot. You may also want to conduct a survey to learn certain lessons and take all the feedback into account when preparing your next networking event!

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