Webinar and Streaming

Video connects people. Webinars offer more and more opportunities for direct interaction with your viewers via live poll or Q&A, for example. With a webinar or streaming, you can reach a larger audience for a smaller budget. It is the ideal solution for training courses, annual meetings and presentations.

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Webinars are the latest trend in seminar-land. Interactivity is what matters.

Viewers can actively participate by incorporating a live Q&A or poll that the speaker can anticipate.

Invite guest speakers from all over the world and conduct an online panel discussion for your audience.

In addition, you can use our professional studio to record and stream your webinar.

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If you have a large or international audience, you can stream your event online on your website or social media platform.

The video on demand (VOD) option allows you to watch or re-watch your event afterwards.

Make your streaming pay on demand to generate additional income.

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