About us

Team spirit is the spark that gets our fire going. The audio-visual & media production industry is agile and demanding, requiring a high degree of flexibility. As a strong team, we’re able to switch gears fast and take on any assignment, small or large. We enjoy the challenges that come with the sector and take teamwork to the next level for bigger and better results.

The DB video group - Our story

Our story begins in 1998 when Dimitri Beyaert kicks off the business as a part-time self-employed man, combining his work for prime Flemish tv-channel VTM with small assignments such as wedding and company reporting. He lands his first big break in 1999 with TMF, after which he’s given the opportunity to capture ‘The DJs’ and ‘The DJs @ home’.

In 2006, DB Video moves headquarters from Boom to a large location in Aartselaar that can cater for more equipment and a greater staff. Another milestone is reached in 2017, when DB video joins EMG (Euro Media Group), a leading European provider of audio-visual services. This grants the company additional means and resources to guarantee the best possible client service. EMG is active in various countries like France, BENELUX, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, the US and Australia.

Staying on top of the trends

In response to the increasing popularity of social media, MOTCHA is created in 2019. This creative department focuses primarily on marketing and content creation. Live streaming is another trend with an undeniable impact on the audio-visual landscape. To stay ahead of this particular curve, another department by the name of Webble-Up is launched in 2020 with its own streaming platform and a separate section for developing streaming software.

While our core business initially concentrated on event registration and television production, we’ve begun to shift our focus to executing each and every concept from start to finish. As a company that boasts 3 departments specialised in different areas of expertise, we’re the ideal full-service partner to offer our clients the support they need for everything to do with audio-visual techniques and media production.

What we stand for

Video is EMOTION & TEAMWORK. Win your viewers’ hearts and you’ll stay top of mind. This is the experience we want to offer our clients, together.

“Video is EMOTION & TEAMWORK. Win your viewers’ hearts and you’ll stay top of mind”

Our values

At DB video, we’re creative, we’re passionate about what we do and we possess extensive expertise. We built our company operations on several pillars, including stress resilience, effective workload management, continuous innovation and proactive problem-solving. Additionally, we adhere a lot of importance to optimising information security. Our approach is customer-centric. The client is at the heart of all we do and we want all parties to feel engaged. We aim for a collaborative partnership that’s efficient and transparent.

The dream team

The team makes the dream work! We set the benchmark high to deliver an excellent service that focuses on flexibility, quality and technological innovation. Our team consists of a diverse group of passionate, competent professionals who all work together to provide our clients with the best solution for their specific needs. To this end, we inspire our team to be involved in the entire process, to be proactive and take initiative and to work closely together towards a common goal.

We’re big on team spirit, which entails treating each other with respect. All staff members are responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere that’s free of any tension and therefore the ideal working environment for improved team work and productivity. While every employee is responsible for the tasks they’ve been assigned, they’re also encouraged to be a good co-worker and help out wherever possible.

The customer is king

At DB video, the customer really is king. Our work is only done once we’ve made our clients happy and preferably even exceeded their expectations. We’re committed to providing quality, innovation and a stellar customer service. In addition to our expertise and creative thinking, we offer flexibility and endeavour to be courteous and helpful in all our interactions. This way, we foster long-term relationships built on trust. We are interested in our clients and we’re invested in finding the best solution to meet their specific needs. Always ready to help, and always with a smile.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company” – Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos)

Your full-service media partner

Looking for creative or technical support for your video productions? DB Video is a reliable partner and full-service media provider. Based on your needs, we offer you the perfect mix of equipment and creative & technical expertise. Whether you’d like to benefit from our services at your location, at one of our studio’s or during a (virtual) event or webinar, we’ll see to it that you receive an impeccable, end-to-end service.

DB Video – Innovative media solutions & technological reliability

The mission of the DB Video Group is to offer technological reliability. We are forward-thinking and we continuously strive to stay on top of all the latest trends. Rather than being hung up on outdated broadcast techniques, our boldness and adaptability allow us to embrace & harness interesting new technologies.

MOTCHA – Creative powerhouse

MOTCHA brings the power of creativity to the table. From content creation to smart editing of existing video material. Their unique ability to whip up brilliant creative concepts and provide sound support for video projects, makes them the ideal company to complement DB Video’s technical expertise. Together, we’re able to offer you the full experience, video at its very best.

Webble-Up – For an immersive event experience

Webble-Up aspires to host virtual events that keep viewers rooted to their seat from the first until the very last second. Their dynamic, fully customisable event platform comes with a wide variety of interactive features that’ll draw in attendees and turn any event into a success story. In addition to enhanced viewer engagement, Webble-Up provides excellent digital support and valuable analytics.