Autocue - Accessories - Stage - Rigging - Light - Sound

A great speech is often assisted by a great prompter. Famous speakers like president Obama, ex-prime minister Verhofstadt use prompters for their speeches. For your speaker we have 2 conference prompters that our discreetly placed on both sides of the speaker’s desk. Your speaker wants to walk around on stage? We place 2 plasma screens in an angle of 45° so he can keep track of his text. For TV or interviews we have a prompter on camera. Your speaker always looks into the lens like a professional newsreader.

For the finishing touch of your company’s event DB Video has some accessories. We can offer a speaker desk or a table for your debates. You can choose between an elegant see-through desk with microphone and light or a simple white desk. With the Cue-Light technology you can control your presentations’ slides from a distance, which makes your speech even more powerful.

DB Video can provide a small stage for presentations. The stage is 40m² and adjustable in height between 20 and 80 cm. To finish it off you can choose between carpet, cloth, forex,…

We have rigging for small and medium sized events. For the installation of light, sound and LED we have 8x8m truss, stands, electrical engines, pipe&drape and backdrops.

We have complete lighting for medium sized events up to 400 people. We work with LED lights to reduce power use and heat generation. For example: ROBE 300 moving spots and ROBE LED force with ADB Freedom control panel. For TV or studio recordings we have a vast range of lighting to choose from:

ARRI LITE sets 600, ARRI 2000w, Kino Flo 4 bank 120 c, HMI 1,2, LED panels, ...

For smaller events or press conferences up to 400 people we have different sound systems available:

  • Nexo NXAMP 4x1 amplifier
  • PS8 & PS10 speakers
  • Nexo subspeaker LS600

Furthermore we have a wide range of professional microphones (Sennheiser EW 300, EW 500, SM58, MKE40, ME 66,…) and audiomixers (Yamaha LS9, Digico SD9 /D1/D5) to choose from.