Event Sets


This compact and flexible van has everything for a professional recording of video and audio. Unit 5 is perfect for small events, sports, fast news interventions. We can record with 2, 3 or 4 cameras, depending on your scenario. This van is quick, flexible an budget friendly. Therefore unit 5 is perfect for last minute interventions.

Unit 5 delivers a fast service for a wider reach on social media.
That is why we offer a new service that allows us to have a finished video by the end of the event. You can surprise your guest with an aftermovie and share the video on social media the same night.

With a cable internet connection we can easily upload video or create a live stream.


These 4 event sets are our ideal to record presentations, meetings, theater and sport events. We can mix up to 4 different camera angles. This generates a professional recording that can be used for streaming, editing, broadcast or big screen playback. Moreover, we can add PowerPoint’s, Twitter feeds or animation to the program. The events sets are fast and easy to assemble, because they are packed in compact flight cases


The remote set is ideal to make simple recordings of small events, presentations, meetings or receptions. This set consists of 2 or 3 compact remote cameras that can be set up discreetly. We only need 1 control panel and 1 technician to operate the cameras which makes this set a budget friendly option. We record directly onto a hard disk. The footage can easily be used for editing or streaming on your website.