OB Vans

For every production

While standing at the intersection of classic broadcasting and the introduction of remote productions, it is clear that IP compatibility is one of the major challenges to be faced. Our development team managed to create a broadcast truck which has the ability to serve a top level remote production facility. Using a robust and flexible state-of-the-art routing and signal transport system, Unit 10 will be the ideal truck to broadcast all kinds of large-scale events. If the need arises, the truck is ready to upgrade to 4k


The standard equipment for unit 9 is 6 cameras but this unit can be extended to 12 cameras. The digital video mixer and extensive intercom system make sure we can do a professional recording for larger TV productions and events. Multitrack recordings of the audio are possible. We use ‘slow motion’ technology to repeat the best actions. In this van the crew sits next to each other. This setup creates a unique atmosphere and smooth communication during the recording.


This is the perfect unit for large TV productions and events who are to be broadcasted directly or indirectly. Here we can mix up to 14 cameras at a time! The van has a separate production room, audio mix, shading and graphic area. Multitrack recording for audio is possible. Thanks to the extensive intercom system, this van fits all of your broadcast requirements. Unit 8 is very reliable, flexible and off course full redundant.


Unit 6 is ideal to record medium-sized TV productions like sports, concerts and events in a professional way. This van is more compact than Unit 8 and easier to place on a smaller TV compound. The number of cameras is easily expendable up to 8, depending on your requirements.